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Edge means literal geographic distribution. In the beginning, there was One Big Computer. Then, in the Unix era, we learned how to connect to that computer using dumb terminals. Next, we had personal computers.

Right now, we’re firmly in the cloud computing era. Many of us still own personal computers, but we mostly use them to access centralized services like Dropbox, Gmail, Office 365, and Slack. Additionally, devices like Amazon Echo, Google Chromecast, and the Apple TV are powered by content and intelligence that’s in the cloud.

Now with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), billions of devices…


Arduino is PLC or Programmable logic controller was used to control a mechatronics system using specific functions. Basic PLC functions such as timing, sequencing, controlling and relaying were implemented. The basic programming logic and ladder programming was studied and implemented. The intelligent or “Motion Based Traffic Control” is one which would be able to calculate the vehicle density in a lane at a 4-way crossing and then decide the increase timings automatically using a program burned in Arduino.

In practical situations sensors are used to detect presence of vehicles in a lane and calculate the density and sends an interrupt…

Stuti Mehta

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